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The agenda

Research sprints are not a panacea. They won’t help you learn how many people clicked a button, where your website traffic is coming from, or how to structure your database.

But research sprints can help you answer some of the toughest, most important questions that startups face:
* What problems, needs, and motivations do people have?
* How do people evaluate and adopt products?
* Do people understand your product’s value proposition?
* Which messages are most effective at explaining your product?
* Can people figure out how to use your product?
* Why do people stop using your product?
* Why don’t people adopt new features when you launch them?

There are many more questions we can answer with research sprints, but I don’t want you to get bored and leave.

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What can you have at the end

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UX Research Partner at GV (fka Google Ventures). Advising, teaching, and conducting practical research for hundreds of startups since 2010.