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🖥 Prototype
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Designer / entrepreneur / artist, users / clients / spectators are at the center of my professional and artistic practice. Since 2004, I have had the chance to collaborate with very different companies and cultural institutions in France and abroad such as Google, Adobe, Orange, Uzik, INA, RMN, BNP, SNCF, the French Post Office... In 2012, I created the Laptop, as one of the pioneers of coworking, with the idea of creating new ways of working that are more collaborative and creative, but also to help freelancers find the resources they need to develop their skills and find the inspiration they need to remain relevant in their practice. Today, Le Laptop has established itself as a place for training in UX professions, from which a large community of professionals emerges and meets regularly for collective projects, events and training. In 2015, Google will certify me Google Design Sprint Master. While the book SPRINT by Jake Knapp has not yet been published, I adapt the method to cultural differences and the maturity of French companies... In June 2020, the book Le Design Sprint en pratique (organize, facilitate, actuate) will be published by Eyrolles which is the synthesis of all my learning and teaching on collaborative work, business, design, the UX profession, agility... for 10 years. (Source:Linkedin)