Design Sprint 2.0

🖥 Prototype

The agenda

The design sprint 2.0 (Developed by A&J smart and Jonathan Courtney) is a 4 days condensed version of the original GV Design Sprint process. Based on : map/sketch, Decide/storyboard, Prototype and test.

Design Sprint 2.0 agenda img

What can you have at the end

🖥 Prototype

Detail of the creator

AJ&Smart is an award-winning product design, strategy and innovation studio. We focus on using Design Sprints to guide companies all around the world in product design, product strategy and innovation. They work closely with Jake Knapp, the inventor of Design Sprints, to continuously evolve and improve the Design Sprint to provide the best possible value to our customers. Jonathan Courtney also run a weekly podcast with Jake, the Product Breakfast Club: