Design Sprint 1.0

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The agenda

The classic Design sprint (Invented at Google by Jake Knapp) is a 5 day framework with one objective per day : map, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, test

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What can you have at the end

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Detail of the creator

Classic Design Sprint is created by a team of expert in Google Venture company. GV provides venture capital funding to bold new companies. In fields like life science, health care, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, and agriculture, GV’s companies aim to improve lives and change industries. GV’s team of world-class engineers, designers, physicians, marketers, and investors work together to provide these startups exceptional support on the road to success. Jake Knapp is the principal inventor of the Design Sprint and a New York Times bestselling author. He’s written two books, Sprint and Make Time, and has coached teams at places like Slack, LEGO, IDEO, and NASA on design strategy and time management.