Voice Design Sprint (VxDS)

Voice product/Chatbot
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The agenda

We believe that the VxDS – Voice Design Sprint empowers teams to build better voice products, in a more efficient and meaningful way.  

That’s why we want as many Voice Sprinters to go out there and create useful voice experiences.


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What can you have at the end

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Detail of the creator

⬇️ Are you an innovation manager, marketing manager, or project lead? Do you have a voice application, chatbot or phone-bot project? Do you want to exchange efficiently with your customers? ⬇️ 👋 Welcome! New technologies emerge with their own set of opportunities and challenges. That's why I give professionals around the world the keys they need to quickly and effectively engage in conversational projects. ✅ You are in the midst of questioning the challenges and opportunities of voice technology. ✅ You are wondering about the return on investment ✅ You want to ensure a useful presence on this new interface ✅ You want to integrate voice into your marketing strategy ✅ You are looking to create a stunning experience that converts Does that sound like you? Take a few minutes to read about how we can co-create a voice experience that makes sense for your customers, your decision-makers and your brand. How are we going to do it? Side by side, we'll conduct a custom voice project, made for your brand in four progressive steps: ▶️ STEP 1: "Understanding Voice": the impact of voice evolution on your business ▶️ STEP 2: "Solve the Real Problem": Identifying the right use case & tone of voice ▶️ STEP 3: "Making it happen": Developing a testable prototype ▶️ STEP 4: "Validate the strategy": Validate your project with voice user tests How can I accompany you? ➡️ Facilitation of workshops to shape your voice strategy ➡️ Training of your internal teams in the UX conversational methodology, allowing you to quickly and efficiently tackle conversational projects. ➡️ Designing your conversational experience: use case development, integration into the overall customer journey, conversational logic, dialogue flow and scriptwriting in multiple languages. Curious about voice strategy and conversational UX design? Let's connect to LinkedIn using the blue 'Connect' button or by email to maaike@m-creations.io! Looking forward to sharing with you! 👇 (source:Linkedin)