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Are you a design pro ? Wanting to level up your career ? See us as the sport-academy.

We prepare you to perform at Champions League level when presenting yourself to design-peers, talent-scouts, and hiring organizations on a live design-stage.


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What can you have at the end

👨‍🎓 HR Acceleration

Detail of the creator

Industry experienced remote-working organisational design and change management professional: shaping & changing business strategies, operations & talents towards success. Connected with the world of design. ◆ Virtual Design Sprint & Workshop Facilitation & Moderation - FREE (trust-based priced) call possible now to share experiences or to ask me anything: https://calendly.com/jeroen-f/remotenow2 ◆ Specialties: Strategy Development, Business & Process Management, Design Operations, Organisational design & re-design, Design Thinking, Business Transformation, Executive and Leadership Coaching. ◆ Cross-cultural, design-driven facilitator & integrator of organisational change and strategic re-direction. ◆ Trusted partner: experienced in collaborating with Executives and their Leadership teams in co-authoring success and transforming business & organisational realities. (Source : Linkedin)