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Dissatisfied with methods such as "Design Sprint" and "Sprint 0", we have formalized a dedicated methodological framework: the "Product Sprint".

This framework allows us to go from idea to MVP in record time.


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🖥 Prototype
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Detail of the creator

Acting on the premises of product management and its success in tech companies, Hubvisory is an organization bringing together product experts to accompany and transform current organizations towards future Product Companies. For us, these Product Companies are organizations that have integrated the product management approach into their DNAs and apply it on a large scale. These Product Companies will have a sustainable advantage in the market by using digital as a lever for sustainable growth. These Product Companies are distinguished by multi-disciplinary team-based organisations, agile processes, a strong product culture and solutions that are user-centric and scalable. It is our vocation to support startups and corporations in becoming Product Companies. (Source:Hubvisory)