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The idea of adapting the Rocket Sprint to do it entirely remotely was on the table. the Air Sprint was born," explains Boris.

"Our objective was not to say 'we're here, we're going to carry on as before' but to step back and be able to offer support that makes sense in the short and long term.

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🖥 Prototype
🚀 Strategic roadmap

Detail of the creator

"Adept of the first digital technologies and industrial design, I graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris where I made my first experiences in the field of brand identity, architecture and orientation design. In 2010, I joined the Renault Group as Director of Digital Creation to ensure the transition from User Experience (UX) to Mobile Design. At the same time, I founded the Renault RX LAB, an in-house digital innovation laboratory to keep a technological watch and feed the digital vision of the Renault-Nissan Alliance brands. After having collaborated on all the group's major projects, I finally decided to set up my own agency to make digital research my daily life! The launch of Rocket Labs in 2015 will enable the culture of industrial innovation to be applied beyond the Renault Group, with successful projects for Airbus, Adobe, Navblue and Crédit Agricole. In June 2017, together with Digital Ethic partners, I'm launching a Lyon-based think tank dedicated to the ethical thinking needed in the digital world and to the emergence of a label bringing together local players, institutions and industries. I have just recently unveiled TRansitions, an online community of experts dedicated to transformations, whatever they may be! " (Source:linkedin)